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Setting up information and space requirement - as discussed there are two parts to the falconry demonstration, the static display and the flying display.


this needs to be located on grass in an area of 15 x 10 metres.  We provide our own fencing and awnings.  The vehicle is part of the static display. It needs to be in an animal friendly position away from funfairs and the like.


This takes place in an arena or ring - the minimum size for this is approximately 30 x 30 metres on grass. The vehicle needs to be taken into the ring for the flying display.

If possible we would like to use the sound system that is available for the ring.  For 'hands free commentary' a radio microphone either lapel, head set or stick microphone is desirable. We have our own system for corporate and educational events.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of the above recommendations for our falconry displays.

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